DJ Deckstream aka Rahze – Rahze

DJ Deckstream - Rahze

Release Date: October 28, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Gift Of Life feat. Latrice
  3. Love Letter feat. Jacqueline Marie
  4. Summer Time feat. Lisa Shaw
  5. Irony
  6. Mon Ame feat. Juju Bee
  7. Funky Mama feat. N’Dea Davenport
  8. Spider feat. Milka & Enoten
  9. Music Factory feat. Milka
  10. Yesterday
  11. Voice Within feat. Juju Bee
  12. Waiting For Love feat. Milka


Many know DJ Deckstream as m-flo’s touring DJ. He is also an accomplished producer, composer and remixer. His primary genre is R&B and Hip-Hop. For this album he uses an alter-ego Rahze and goes into House Music territory.

This may seem like a total 360 from what he normally does but given the connection between Urban music and House it’s not really a surprise to hear him go in this direction. Similar Hip-Hop DJs/producers have also gone into House with DJ Jazzy Jeff being a stellar example of one who can successfully work well in both worlds.

On this album DJ Deckstream also shows that he can also walk that fine line crafting many fine House tracks with well known vocalists from the genre such as Latrice and Lisa Shaw and some from Urban music including N’Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) and Juju Bee.

These are not the regular cheesy 4 on the floor pounders but actual songs with feeling and substance. If you are familiar with the sound of labels like Defected, Soulfuric, Purple or Swing City you should have a general idea of what you’ll hear on Rahze.

For the uninitiated we’re talking Vocal and Soulful House with a bit of a Latin twist. Every single track here is outstanding and it’s difficult to select those that one should listen to first. I would say that The Gift Of Life, Funky Mama, Music Factory and Voice Within are great places to start.

Overall this is an excellent album that will definitely please both House heads and those who don’t normally listen to the genre.


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