DJ Hasebe – Adore The Remixes

Adore Remixes Album Cover

Track Listing

  1. Adore
  2. After The Party feat. Adriana Evans
  3. Itoshisa no Naka de feat. Sugar Soul & Zeebra
  4. Aoi no Sora feat. Emiko
  5. Imasugu Hoshii (Butter Smoother) feat. Sugar Soul & Zeebra
  6. Orange feat. Sugar Soul


DJ Hasebe is a Hip-Hop DJ / Producer & has been on the forefront of the Japanese Hip-Hop scene since the early 90’s. He is a member of the group Sugar Soul & has also released several solo albums & mix tapes. His productions are a mix of old school American Hip-Hop with a fresh international outlook. Adore The Remixes is a mini-album that was released on June 6 2007.

This album, consists of up-tempo Hip-Hop with a touch of R&B flavor. The album as a whole has a laid back, summery kind of vibe to it. The best tracks are the collaborations with Sugar Soul & Zeebra, with Imasugu Hoshii (Butter Smoother) being the strongest.

Perfect listening for those who like the smoother side of Hip-Hop.

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