DJ Kawasaki – Beautiful

Beautiful Album Cover

I discovered DJ Kawasaki randomly. I had stumbled upon a compilation CD of his remixes called Beautiful Too on the jpopsuki tracker. Deep & Soulful House is my genre of choice when I DJ & I have a particular fondness for vocal tracks. That album was full of amazing tracks that really got me interested in his productions.

I found Beautiful while browsing HMV Japan. I saw that he has already released 5 albums. 2 are mix CD’s so I don’t really count them, that leaves 3 albums of original material. Beautiful is the first of the three & was released on August 30, 2006.

The overall sound is smooth & laid back. It’s accented by the vocals which are R&B like in nature but without the annoying vocal gymnastics. In a way this is like R&B for House heads.

I think this is music that’s more fitting for a lounge rather than the main room of a club. The only thing that bugs me about DJ Kawasaki’s productions is that you only get a workable intro or outro, not both. That’s only a minor complaint since what’s in between those sections is some amazing ear candy.

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