DJ Raiden x EXO’s CHANYEOL x LeeHi x CHANGMO release their stunning collab “YOURS”

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

Raiden has assembled the titans of K-Pop for “Yours”, a timeless, global crossover song. The combination of these four A-list artists guarantees “Yours” will be a SS’20 anthem as it will include elements from all genres of K-Pop including Electronica, R&B, Pop and Hip-hop.

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

About Raiden

This is Raiden’s third collaboration with K-Pop stars and the first with the iconic CHANYEOL from the popular boy band EXO. Previously, he collaborated with IRENE from Red Velvet and YURI from Girls Generation. Raiden’s music career began in Europe with his debut single “Heart of Steel” in 2017, on notable labels Spinnin Records and Protocol Recordings, to name a few.

His musicality spans across a wide spectrum: starting with his vision as a guitarist first, Raiden is able to curate timeless records instinctually with his great pop culture sensibility. He closed the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics alongside Martin Garrix and performed at world-renowned festivals including Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. With these accomplishments under his belt in both South Korea and Europe, Raiden is well positioned to continue his journey as a successful global musician.

About “Yours”

LEEHI sings “I’ll be yours” for her hook, leaving us to think back to our loved ones. This is a heart-warming tune with influences of gospel, Pop and R&B. This is LEEHI’s first release after leaving YG Entertainment.

CHANYEOL had a very active 2019—he released his first solo single “SSFW” as well as the EXO-SC Unit project. For “Yours”, CHANYEOL returns by creating unique synergy among our four artists, with whom he has never shared vocals and will therefore be an exciting collaboration for our global audiences.

Photo courtesy of Ambition Musik

CHANGMO has also had an amazing year—finishing off his 7-city North America tour in March after his #1 single “METEOR”. He adds an irreplaceable touch to “Yours”, alternating back and forth between his melodic range to clever rap verses.

Raiden’s Comments:

I had this vision of creating a timeless record about 3 years ago. At the time, I was mainly focusing on my DJ/Producer career in Dance/Electronic music scene but this song was exactly what I was dreaming of; being able to create “good music” with talented artists from different styles of music. In my opinion, good music does not need to be labelled as any specific style or genre. I am happy and so blessed for CHANYEOL to create this with me along with LeeHi and CHANGMO.

If there was one thing I wish for this song to do, is to spread the feeling of warmth and positivity around the world. During this crazy time of confusion and isolation, I wanted to present the feeling of love and care for each other and we really poured our hearts out with that message here.

We all spent many days and nights on this to create the perfect synergy between us, to make sure every artist on this stands out with his or her vision on each part. Now we’ve become really good friends on personal level and we are already talking about what we want to do next, haha.

CHANYEOL’s Comments:

I’ve been wanting to release new music for some time now – something that can bring smiles to people. I’ve been writing a lot but I could not find the ‘one’. Raiden and I have been wanting to do a collaboration for some time now, despite which song it was, I would have trusted his music. But when he played this for me, I knew that this was what I was envisioning.

It was cool to be involved in the production process and seeing how Raiden works. Producing is what I’m very much focused on now so it was a cool learning and sharing experience. Everything feels new with this release; but we are all very happy about the release. We all met through “Yours” first but now we became close friends, we hang out at his studio or mine, casually share our new music, inspiration and I call Raiden “My Hyung” which translates to big bro.

CHANGMO’s comments:

With AMBITION as my home ground, my exposure for music is mainly in hip-hop but as many of you know, my basis was Piano and music production even before my rap. Raiden and CHANYEOL knew that and we instantly connected after I expressed that I wanted to be a part of the song. It was a cool moment to connect with artists from such different styles of music but I have respect for all artists involved in this project.

It was a cool process to write lyrics for the song that is not typically similar to my own music. Thankfully CHANYEOL and LeeHi both loved my direction and the music video concept is even inspired from that. I’m excited for you guys to hear this.”

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