Dohzi-T – 12 Love Stories

12 Love Stories / Dohzi-T

Track Listing

  1. Mou Ichido feat. BENI
  2. Better Days feat. Kato Miliyah & Tanaka Roma
  3. Yakusoku no Hi feat. Aoyama Thelma
  4. ONE LOVE feat. Shimizu Shota
  5. Negai feat. YU-A (Foxxi misQ)
  6. Ainokachi feat. KREVA
  7. Good Night
  8. In-mail feat. JUJU
  9. Minori aru Jinsei wo
  10. Hikaru Mirai feat. Kato Miliyah
  11. Ai ni Ikou
  12. Summer Days feat.BENI (’08 ver.)
  13. Kimi Dake wo (Bonus Track)


I’ve only heard one Dohzi-T song & that was Better Days feat. Kato Miliyah & Roma Tanaka. It was a good track with a mellow flow. Unfortunately that was my last experience with his music until I stumbled upon this album. I was already familiar with one track (the previously mentioned Better Days) & I remember hearing Mou Ichido when I was watching an episode of Music Japan. At the time I didn’t catch the name of the performer but I remembered the song right away after hearing it again.

The rest of the album follows the pattern set by those 2 tracks. The overall vibe is chilled out, almost R&B like in nature. You’re not going to find any club bangers here. There are a lot of collaborations as well. 8 out of 13 songs feature another artist. I don’t find anything wrong with that, just pointing it out. Besides the  collaborations I’ve already mentioned  also feel Yakusoku no Hi feat. Thelma Aoyama, Negai feat. YU-A (Foxxy misQ), & In-Mail feat JUJU are worth checking out.

Yakusoku no Hi is great just because it’s a collaboration where Thelma Aoyama isn’t singing a variation of Koko ni Iru Yo. As much as I love that song (it’s one if the best Hip-Hop ballads I’ve heard in a long time), the concept had the life squeezed out of it with each subsequent version & it got annoying real fast. Anyway, Yakusoku no Hi makes up for all of that. It’s a mid-tempo track with a soft piano melody. I think Aoyama’s vocals bring a certain sweetness to the song.

Negai is much like Yakosuki no Hi except with more string parts & a different singer. YU-A (the tall one from Foxxi misQ) has quite the voice. It sounds very American R&B’ish to me, but considering the nature of her group that’s really no surprise. She also has a deeper tone than what I’m used to hearing from Japanese female singers. It’s nice.  In-Mail is also another mid-tempo track. I love the soft keys on this song & would love to be able to replicate them in my own productions.  JUJU is an artist I’ve only heard sing over House tracks, it was nice to hear her over something a bit slower.

This album overall is a top notch piece of work. Every track is a quality song which is a rarity in the world of Hip-Hop. Anyone who’s bought a Hip-Hop album recently knows just how much filler is on those damn things. You don’t have to worry about that with this one.

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