Dolls – Dolls


Track Listing

  1. Moboroshi Night (SCANDAL Cover)
  2. Burst
  3. 14:28
  4. I Will Find Tomorrow


Dolls are a 3-piece band consisting of middle school aged members Mayu (Bass/Vocals), Eve (Guitar/Vocals) and Sach (Drums/Vocals) and they are formed in the mold of their idols SCANDAL.

And that’s about all the knowledge I have about this band.  I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy finding any information in English and I guess I should be thankful that I’m member of a site that shares the same initials of this place,  SCANDAL HEAVEN otherwise I would be completely lost.  So props to Dolls thread there for at least shedding some light on this group.

With that said this single package contains an interesting collection of songs. As a whole it’s quite good and the only downside is that it’s more than a little derivative.  But unless you’re some sort of ultra elitist music snob you shouldn’t care one bit because there’s some fine work present here.

The most obvious songs to go to are the first two.  Their cover of Moboroshi Night is very faithful to the original and probably won’t surprise those who know it well.  Burst on the other hand has it’s charm points and while again, very close to the sound of SCANDAL it at least shows the girls can rock out with some original material.

Given who this group idolizes they naturally are going to sound exactly like them or at least cop some of their style.  Some may not like the idea of SCANDAL-lite but you know what?  These girls are a little rough but they show  extremely high potential for something great once they mature and figure out who they are besides a tribute type band.

Unfortunately finding any solid purchase locations for you was an exercise in futility, but if you’re interested here are few places where you can find out about this group. (assuming you can read Japanese.):

Dolls Blog

Dolls Twitter

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