Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Review

DBZ Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie based on the Dragon Ball series and the 14th of the Dragon Ball Z era. It is the first Dragon Ball movie in 17 years to have a theatrical release and the first to be screened at IMAX digital theaters.


Battle of Gods is an official part of the Dragon Ball storyline and is about the God Of Destruction, Beers who is on a quest to challenge the mythical Super Saiyan God who defeated Frieza.

If you have watched any Dragon Ball Z episodes or the previous 13 movies you can figure out the pattern of how this movie plays out. For those who are new to the Dragon Ball Z world it is basically a force comes to threaten the Earth and the Z crew get their asses handed to them until Goku arrives in some manner to save the world through long fight sequences.


This movie deviates from that just a little bit since there really isn’t an immediate threat presented outside of those who are higher powers in the universe and Goku and Vegeta. The God of Destruction and his sidekick Whis are portrayed as goof balls that are enjoying the food of earth at Bulma’s birthday party. That is until Boo denies Beers of trying pudding. Then all hell breaks loose.

Yes, that is seriously what puts the Earth in peril. Pudding. And yes, that is a spoiler.


Indeed, that has to be the dumbest reason for starting a rampage to destroy an entire planet ever. When that happens the movie breaks down into the familiar ass whooping, destruction of parts of Earth and Goku saving the day.


With all that said Battle of Gods was still an entertaining film that took advantage of modern animation techniques to enhance the fight sequences and keep things from getting stale during the fast paced action.

Dragon Ball fans will most likely enjoy this immensely even if it’s all been done many times before. If it ain’t broke, why fix what’s working right?

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods


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