DREAM Ami – Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte – Review

Dream Ami Lovefool Cover

Release Date: October 19, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte-
  2. Jaa ne
  3. JUMP!
  4. Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte- (Instrumental)
  5. Jaa ne (Instrumental) (CD Only)
  6. JUMP! (Instrumental) (CD Only)


Lovefool –Suki Datte Itte- is the third solo single from Dream/E-girls member Ami. It is a Japanese language cover of The Cardigans 1996 song Lovefool. Her version of the song is used in the CM for Bourbon’s Oishii Coconut Milk and Right-on’s Mokomoko Iroiro.

Given that the original song could be considered one of those 90’s pop classics it’s no surprise that this cover is incredibly faithful to what makes Lovefool so endearing. Ami’s vocals are a perfect fit, helping convey the message of longing for affection in same sweet manner as Nina Persson.

The b-sides are original songs. Jaa ne is a lovey dovey ballad and JUMP! is a mid-tempo piece of sugary pop. Given the large shadow that the a-side casts neither song comes close to being as good. Yet, both are serviceable depending on what mood you are in. JUMP! is the one out of the two b-sides that is more attention grabbing.

This is most likely a one song single for most folks and the b-sides will probably appeal more to those who more invested fan of Dream and/or E-girls.

Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte- (CD Only)


Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte- (CD + DVD)


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