Dream Ami – Re: Dream Review

Dream Ami Re Dream CD Version Cover

Release Date: October 4, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Hayaku Aitai
  2. Re: Dream
  3. Try Everything (Dream Ami Version)
  4. Can’t Help Falling In Love ~Aisazu ni Irarenai~
  5. ♡song
  6. Eden no En
  7. XOXO
  8. Surf on the Summer
  9. JUMP!
  10. Dress wo Nuida Cinderella
  11. Follow Me –Dream Ami version-
  12. Magic Time
  13. Lovefool –Suki Datte Itte-
  14. Change my life
  15. Alright!
  16. Kimi no Tonari
  17. Saite na Start


Re: Dream is the first solo album from former E-girls and Dream member Ami. It contains all her single releases starting from her debut Dress Wo Nuida Cinderella up to July 2017’s Kimi no Tonari along with some of their associated b-sides.

For followers of Dream Ami there is not a lot of new music to take in on this album and much will be old hat to those who have all of her releases up to this point in time. Out of the 17 songs here there are only 4 that have not appeared on any of her releases before.

  • Re: Dream
  • XOXO
  • Saite na Start
  • Follow Me Dream Ami version-

If you have not invested much time in Dream Ami then Re: Dream may be of more interest to you. Her solo work has been very much fluffy, non-offensive pop music. You will not find any traces of the “edge” her former units have.

Re: Dream may be a little bit of a sugary sweet overload for some listeners and for folks who have a low tolerance for such things it might have to be broken up into smaller listening sessions. If you don’t mind that then you’ll find a rather consistent flow throughout this album. Ami’s voice is well suited for Pop and many of the songs are crafted to emphasize that.

The cover songs are probably the tracks to hit up first just to see if she does justice to any of them. Can’t Help Falling In Love and Lovefool are pretty much faithful to the original versions. It’s when you get to Follow Me that the arrangement gets changed to an acoustic version. If you are fan of the original E-girls song this is worth giving some time to hear a different take on it.

Other tracks worth checking out outside of the singles are the title track and XOXO. Also give the b-sides Eden no En, JUMP! and Alright! a quick spin as well.

For a debut album Re: Dream isn’t bad. As a solo artist Dream Ami is pretty well defined and you should not expect anything different from what she has been releasing over the past two years. That might not be satisfactory for everyone but the formula is working for her so far.

So if you are missing some solo female pop act flavour in your music collection Re: Dream might be something to consider adding to help fill that gap.

Re: Dream (CD)

Re: Dream (CD+DVD)

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