Dream Musume – Dreams 1

Dream Musume RE

Release Date: April 20, 2011

Track Listing

CD1 ドリーム モーニング娘。

  1. あっと驚く未来がやってくる!
  2. 女子かしまし物語(2011ドリムス。Ver.)
  3. みかん
  4. 浪漫~MY DEAR BOY~
  5. 恋人のような顔をして・・・
  6. モーニングコーヒー(2011ドリムス。Ver.)
  7. SEXY BOY~そよ風に寄り添って~
  8. 雨の降らない星では愛せないだろう?
  9. 青空がいつまでも続くような未来であれ!
  10. アフタヌーンコーヒー/アフタヌーン娘。

CD 2 / モーニング娘。

  1. サマーナイトタウン
  2. 抱いてHOLD ON ME!
  3. Memory 青春の光
  4. LOVEマシーン
  5. 恋のダンスサイト
  6. ハッピーサマーウェディング
  7. I WISH
  8. 恋愛レボリューション21(にじゅういち)
  9. ザ☆ピ~ス!
  10. そうだ!We’re ALIVE


I shall put out my main concerns before I even mention the album:

  • From the people in the group, the mix of the older generation and Koharu was probably the worst fear I had. Not only how the squeaky voice match the more mature voices (Nakazawa, Iida, Abe, Kei-chan, etc) but how others who were not singing often were going to be preparing themselves for such strain.
  • I really, really did want Konkon have her last ride before becoming a news reporter and if there was more of a dream, Kamei would make a guest appearance but it is very hard to say what may happen
  • A concern that probably needs to be addressed, why are they doing this? I have read the many opinions about how Dream Musume is a refreshing look at the graduated members or the money-juicing group that will stake another piece from the present Momusu. In my honest opinion, it is juicing more from them, and it really is something that hurts what it is now, a shell of their former selves, but this will not be about that.

Now with the album, disc 1 presented a mix of original and previously released singles with new voices. The original songs Atto Odoroku Mirai ga Yattekuru!, Afternoon Coffee, and Koibito no You ni Kao wo Shite are pretty good and the voices seemed to mesh very well for these types of songs.

Although it reminds of recent Morning Musume singles, which is kinda bland in the listening. The other set of songs which were released in previous Morning Musume albums, were my biggest concern because the past Musume had a stranglehold over most songs while the recent released songs were helpful for the later members.

How would they sound together? Interestingly great, because songs that were meant for a more mature group like Mikan presented a good mix while Sexy Boy was obviously too fast for the older members. The best one was the twist on Morning Coffee, it had a catchy beat, and the slight difference in beats, made the song quite good.

Overall, the album itself, to their credit, was pretty well done. Despite what many feel, it does create a new blend of voices and create that “what if” factor, which I think could have made me more epic with the people I mentioned above but despite giving this an overall okay review, it leaves me on the fence for saying it is a good idea for having this group. Which will be another discussion altogether.

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