Dumbfoundead – Take The Stares

Dumbfoundead Take The Stares

Released October 16, 2012

Track Listing:

  1. Stairs Intro
  2. S.C.R.a.M
  3. New Chick
  4. 10 Rounds
  5. Growing Young
  6. Wine feat. Wax & Breezy Lovejoy
  7. Fck It feat. Breezy Lovejoy, Nina Katsuya & Murs
  8. Korean Jesus
  9. It’s Not You feat. David Choi
  10. Drinking Alone feat. Breezy Lovejoy
  11. Word

Koreatown, Los Angeles native Dumfoundead released his third album, Take The Stares. Last year’s release of DFD felt more like a debut album than his actual debut album was. He grew his notoriety outside of his battle rap days with his work with Epik High and Jay Park. So his fan base is a mix of battle rap people, K-pop fans, and mainstream exposure such as his spot on Last Call with Carson Daly.

So he’s got a lot of different eyes watching him. Thus the title, Take the Stares.

Dumb has done a good job of keeping the run time of each of his albums on the shorter side. This is the shortest run time so far, coming in at a quick 35 minutes. It’s noteworthy because he does a lot with little. As with the diversity of his fans, the album feels like it’s addressing different people. New Chick and Growing Young are typical Dumb songs. Korean Jesus has him tapping into that battle rapper mentality while trying out a more frantic flow. He goes into the Asian community by having a David Choi feature and comedian David So. Depending on how you see it, it could be a couple of album concepts smashed together, or a good album created by juxtaposition.

I fall somewhere in-between. Sitting down and listening to the album track-by-track, I found that I liked the album, but some of the transitions were hard to listen to. Both S.C.R.a.M and 10 Rounds do stick out. They sound like his attempt of flirting with a more mainstream sound. While they aren’t bad by any means, compared to the rest of the album, they don’t quite fit with the image he’s created for himself.

Korean Jesus can fall into the same flirtatious category. But, the difference there is that its just two minutes of rhymes. It’s Dumb going back to his battling days. A reminder that he can still go toe-to-toe. The previously mentioned songs felt as though he was out of his element.

Now with New Chick and Growing Young are more in his wheelhouse. He nails the honest, nice-guy rap here. Especially Growing Young, with a simple, mellow beat has DFD in top form.

The biggest surprise is on Fck It. With an assist from Living Legends member Murs, the song takes the album to another level. The pressure can get to people so much that one says, fuck it. Coupled with the singing from Nina Katsuya, this is the best moment of the album.

Now just sitting down listening to the album is one thing, but I think this album is meant to be played as other things are happening. Similar as The Ting Ting’s Sounds from Nowheresville, I found that the album works best as if it isn’t the main thing you are doing. Go drive. Clean your house. Do something and have it playing. Even the rough moments sound like they fit. The sounds seem to come together.

I think that’s why Dumb named the album Take The Stares. With the pressure of popularity and name-recognition, emotions run high. How one feels on Monday could change by the end of the week. People have multiple sides of them. Take The Stares shows those sides of the Koreatown native. By that, I think the album succeeds.

Take the Stares


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