E.Via – Must Have

Release Date:  May 5, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Protein Girls (Good Protein For You)
  2. Shake!
  3. Tips
  4. Genuine Girl (feat. Mad Clown)
  5. When It Comes To Clothes (Call Me Up)
  6. Shake! (Instrumental)
  7. Genuine Girl (Instrumental)
  8. When It Comes To Clothes (Call Me Up) [Instrumental]


E.Via (Real name Lee Ok Joo) is a lyricist, composer and pianist. When you look at her you’d think she would be part of some pop group or maybe a solo act that sings fluffy pop songs about love.  In addition to her already impressive list of skills she’s also a very accomplished MC who can probably spit circles around many so called MC’s these days. Appearances are deceiving people, but there’s no doubt that she’s really cute.

Her first album Happy E.Vil came with some controversy thanks to the rather dirty Oppa! Can I Do It? which was banned  from being performed on TV station KBS for being too provocative and full of slang. There’s also the promotional pictures of her doing certain things with a banana that may have been a little too risque for the public. (but you know, I’m very cool with it)

Anyway, Must Have is considered her 2nd album, although it’s more like an EP considering how many actual songs there are on it (There’s only 3 full length songs, the rest are skits or instrumentals).  Even though the album is short on content it gives a general idea of her sound. Her flow is something quite amazing. Think of a female Twista and you’ll have an idea at the speed she actually raps at. It’s best exemplified by Shake, especially during the 2nd verse which just goes into a crazy frenzy of beats that she keep up with perfectly.

Genuine Girl features Mad Clown & continues the speed rapping festivities to a less frantic almost old school Timbaland style beat. It also features everyone’s favorite vocal effect auto-tune which is thankfully used sparingly and tastefully.

The third and final full length song, When It Comes To Clothes (Call Me Up) is a fairly toned down compared to the previous ones. The beat is sparse and is rather booming  but the groove is pretty tight and it’s nice to hear E.Via slow it down a bit.

I really wish this was like a real full length album instead of just an EP because I was wanting more after hearing the 3 tracks on this. Hopefully this is just a teaser for things to come, in which case I will excuse the lack of substantial content. Even with all that said, I highly recommend picking this up just because it’s some great Hip-Hop.

Must Have

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