E.via – Via Polar

Evia Via Polar

Release Date: October 18, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Go! 2via
  2. Pikachu (Pick Up! U!)
  3. Rainy Sunday (Intermission)
  4. My Medicine (feat. Napper)
  5. Pikachu (Pick Up! U!) [(8학군 Remix Version]
  6. My Medicine (Instrumental)
  7. Pikachu (Pick Up! U!) [Instrumental]
  8. Pikachu (Pick Up! U!) [Radio Edit Version]


E.via’s third mini-album Via Polar features 2 new songs, the single Pikachu (Pick Up! U!), it’s remix and My Medicine.  The rest of the tracks are either instrumental versions or short interludes between songs.  Not exactly EP material to me (this is more like a very glorified single) but whatever.

What matters is whether the 2 songs are actually any good, and they certainly are. The lead single is an extremely catchy and cute 3 minutes of Hip-Pop. As with her previous songs, E.via shows her MC prowess by tearing through the song at warp speed.

The remix version is an instrumental club track that strategically uses vocal samples throughout. It has a great groove but is awfully short. (just under 3 minutes) It would have been nice to have a longer extended version.

My Medicine is a mellow ballad featuring Napper and is a nice contrast to the insanity that was Pikachu (Pick Up! U!). It’s got that chilled out kind of vibe and is similar to Diary and 2nd from her Happy E.vil album. I wouldn’t mind if she did a few more tracks like this in the future. She has a nice singing voice.

Overall, this was another great outing from E.via. Again, not exactly an EP (in my opinion) and I’m hoping that her next release will be an actual full length follow up to Happy E.vil.

Via Polar

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