Epik High x Lee Hi – Can You Hear My Heart (Selective Hearing Remix)

Epik High x Lee Hi - Can You Hear My Heart

Release Date: September 20, 2016
Key: G Major
BPM: 98

While perusing for vocal files online I stumbled upon a rather clean rip of Epik High’s Can You Hear My Heart featuring Lee Hi. The song is from the soundtrack for the South Korean drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. The original version is the standard high quality Epik High Hip-Hop ballad. It has a somber mood during the rap verses and transitions to an uplifting sound during the chorus.

Epik High x Lee Hi – Can You Hear My Heart (2016)

Epik High x Lee Hi – Can You Hear My Heart (Instrumental) [2018]

For my interpretation I decided to not make the chorus as lively and stuck with retaining a mournful feeling. This was accomplished by creating a sparse, effect heavy Hip-Hop instrumental to compliment the vibe of the vocals. A lot of the rhythm section is driven by the hi-hats since the kick and snare patterns are pretty static throughout.

I couldn’t find the exact piano sound from the original so I used a piano patch from a Korg M1 that fit with what I was going for in this remix. Besides the vocals the piano is the only other element that is most constant in the song. I actually had to learn how to play those parts myself from YouTube tutorials since I didn’t have any midi or sheet music to follow. The remainder of the instruments besides the bass are mostly accents and are pushed further back in the mix since they’re only present during certain parts of the song.

I was going try to turn this in a dance remix at first but quickly realized that was going fail fast. So going with a slower Hip-Hop ballad was the better choice in the end I think.

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