Evening With Yoshiki Premium Dinner Show 2017 begins in Nagoya

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, the Yoshiki Premium Dinner Show — “EVENING WITH YOSHIKI 2017 IN NAGOYA & OSAKA & TOKYO JAPAN” — kicked off with a first-time-ever performance in Nagoya. This marks the fourth year of this concert series, offering fans a precious once-in-a-year opportunity to see a YOSHIKI performance in an up-close and intimate setting. 

Accordingly, tickets for all 7 performances were immediately sold out after becoming available. Because the demand for tickets has been overwhelming every year, additional seating was quickly added to the Nagoya and Osaka performances even after the original establishment of the show layout. The opportunity to see YOSHIKI — who has conquered musical venues all across the world for crowds of over 10,000 a night — in such a rare, intimate setting is a privilege only this premium dinner show can provide.

Over the course of three-and-a-half-hours, the live performance was held for 500 lucky guests who were able to acquire the limited edition tickets.

Guests were greeted by the sight of an illuminated drum set and a crystal piano. At the entrance to the venue were two enormous panels, displaying an image of YOSHIKI performing at a piano and a towering reproduction of YOSHIKI’s cover image of Vogue Japan, which went on sale August 28th and garnered enormous media attention for being the first time a Japanese male has ever graced the magazine’s cover. 

From the ceiling, several chandeliers glittered, while the tables were set with a beautiful, finely prepared dinner menu created under YOSHIKI’s personal supervision. The YOSHIKI original wine, several original souvenirs specially prepared for the event, and limited edition dinner show merchandise are always a highlight each year for the fans.

Beginning with his masterpiece, “The Last Song,” the performance featured “La Venus” (the main theme of the documentary film We Are X), “Anniversary” (composed in honor of Emperor Akihito’s tenth anniversary), and the “Golden Globe Theme” from the Golden Globe Awards. Accompanied by strings and vocalists Katie Fitzgerald and Ashley Knight from overseas, YOSHIKI also performed “Unfinished”, “Rose of Pain”, and “Longing” for a total of 15 songs.

In addition, the night provided several exciting, audience-pleasing moments, included a fashion show with models dressed in splendid YOSHIKIMONO fashions, an appearance by YOSHIKITTY, and a charity auction of outfits worn by YOSHIKI during photo shoots. The auction featured five items which earned a total of ¥7.3 million in bids, with all proceeds going to the U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit Yoshiki Foundation America.

Just one month after X Japan’s “We Are X Acoustic Miracle 6 Days” Japan tour, the passionate feelings of the fans gathered at the full-capacity venue were evident, providing immense strength and support for YOSHIKI, who continues his personal challenge to rehabilitate from his recent surgery.

On the first night of the Dinner Show tour, YOSHIKI looked back on his recent struggle. “So many things happened at such a fast pace, and so many things went through my mind. These thoughts still continue to race through my heart, like a movie.” He then expressed his gratitude and joy at being able to stand once again on the stage of this dinner show, and resolved to continue moving forward. “But still, I believe that there is music that can only be created in the moment, in this particular moment in time.”

After completing the Nagoya performances of “EVENING WITH YOSHIKI 2017″ on the 26th and 27th, the show will move on to performances in Osaka on the 29th and 30th, and September 1st and 2nd in Tokyo.


August 26, 2017 (Sold Out) Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

Set List

1. The Last Song

2. Forever Love

3. Golden Globe Theme

4. Rosa

5. Kurenai

6. Miracle

7. Anniversary

8. Bara no youni Saite, Sakura no youni Chitte (Bloom like a rose, fall like sakura)

9. Hello Kitty Theme

10. I’ll Be Your Love

11. La Venus

12. Swan Lake

13. River of the Light

14. Without You

15. Endless Rain

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