Exile – Exile Love

Exile Love / EXILE

Track Listing

  1. What Is Love
  2. I Believe
  3. Beautiful
  4. Hibiki
  5. Kimi Ga Iru Kara
  6. Make Love
  8. Sora Kara Ochitekuru JAZZ
  9. Love
  10. Sayonara
  11. Kawaranai Mono
  12. Toki No Kakera
  13. Touch The Sky feat. Bach Logic
  14. 24karats -type EX- (Sowelu, EXILE, DOBERMAN INC)


Exile Love is Exile’s 6th album & it was released on December 12, 2007. With an album title like that I figured this would be full of ballads but after listening to it that assumption was wrong. In fact there are a lot more up or mid tempo tracks. The overall sound doesn’t stray from the Exile R&B formula that much. So I think if you’ve heard a couple of Exile tracks before you’re not in for that much of a surprise.

Despite that, the material on this album is still some solid stuff with I Believe, Hibiki, SUMMER TIME LOVE & Love standing out for me. I believe SUMMMER TIME LOVE is the strongest track on the album. It has similar qualities to Choo Choo TRAIN I think. Those being the infectiousness of the song & overall sound. The only blatant weakness on this disc is 24karats. The beat is tight, but the song itself sounds more like a bloated b-side to me.

Still, the album is fairly consistent & is worth picking up if you want some quality R&B.

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