EXILE – I Wish For You


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Release Date: October 6, 2010

Track Listing

  1. I Wish For You
  2. I Wish For You (Instrumental)
  3. I Wish For You (House Mix)
  4. Victory (House Mix)
  5. Someday (House Mix)
  6. Galaxy Express 999 (House Mix)
  7. CHOO CHOO TRAIN (House Mix)


I Wish For You is EXILE’s 35th single and the 2nd of the “2 consecutive month” releases after the first, Motto Tsuyoku was released in September.

This is an up tempo dance track that has a familiar sound that many EXILE fans should be accustomed to. It’s not really that different from their other dance-like tracks and at least they stick with something they’re good at instead of branching into unknown territory (for them) like Electro Pop and sounding all weird.

Even though it may sound fairly status quo for EXILE, I Wish For You is very catchy and is worth taking a listen to. There is a House remix of the song which really isn’t that different overall. Probably a little more aggressive in the rhythm section and bass line and that’s about it. A nice alternate choice for those who don’t like the pop vibe of the original.

Speaking of remixes there are 4 more of previously released songs added as b-sides. Victory and Someday are much improved after the remix treatment. The other 2 songs, much like the a-side are not different from the original versions except for the rhythm sections and bass lines and maybe a few synths but still serviceable enough.

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