Expanding Your Horizons: Angry Edition

If you’re a fan of slightly insane denpa music that tends to be super upbeat, catchy, and slightly off-kilter


A bit of a history lesson here: while the actual subsculture that is denpa and Touhou may have developed separately, at some point in time the two started to overlap quite a bit. IOSYS is one of these major points of commonality, and they certainly do both justice.

Part wacky, part happycore, and entirely Touhou with a splash of denpa style, this group has been and continues to be a doujin (in other words, entirely self-produced) arranger of Touhou beats. What they are most known for, however, is their amazing flash-animated music videos to accompany their title tracks. If you enjoy controlled chaos with a dash of disgustingly cute animation in your music, this group is absolutely for you.

If you’re a fan of alternative J-rock and all that jazz (as in literally, you like jazz-like beats)

ゲスの極み乙女。[Gesu no Kiwami Otome]

When SEKAI NO OWARI catapulted to fame, I was of two minds. Firstly, I actually kind of enjoyed their indie singles, so I was glad for them. But I also thought it was a bit too soon. Several years and a couple of stagnant, rotting singles later, I realized that the latter was probably correct. So when this new group started shooting up, I was hesitant at first. Their earlier works were just so good – what if the same curse hit them too?

Thankfully, all that fretting was for naught. A year into their catapult, Gesu remains just as innovative and as uncategorizable as ever. It’s true that this year, rock seems to be getting a bit stagnant – there’s this sense of a “ban boom” striking again, with a million Ling or SEKAI clones on the horizon. Gesu is neither of these, nor do they stumble into any of the problems that seem to be plaguing any of their peers.

They’ve started to branch out even further into their self-proclaimed “hip-hop/progressive” genre, with both headline and accompanying single tracks bringing in elements of jazz into all their songs. If you’re even slightly into alternative rock, there is no other group that could showcase the very best of what J-rock is up to.

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