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So I was perusing, okay maybe not perusing, but more like lurking on the Internet and I came upon an article by our own Chiima about some idol groups she would recommend to someone who primarily listens to the artists within Hello! Project and the 48 family.

I figured I would take creative license with her post and do something similar. I’ll take it a step further by including more than just idol music for those stuck in the vicious circle of having only one set (or type) of music to listen to.

For me, the idea of having minimal exposure to other kinds of music must suck. And to be in such a small bubble when there’s so much out there to absorb is restricting.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You like what you like right? But if you want to get your feet wet or dive head first into something out of your comfort zone then I’m more than willing to help you out.

Dogma Buddy Christ

This of course is not a definitive list by any means. It’s more like recommendations from my collection to perhaps expand your musical horizons. If you get nothing out of this well that’s okay. Continue to stick your fingers in your ears when something foreign comes on. It’s no sweat off my back.

But hopefully by the end of this I’ll have at least given you some alternatives to the same old, same old in your world. By the way, this might be a little long. Just an FYI.

Let’s get started shall we?

Tokyo Girls’ Style

To ease you into this I’ll start with a group who were classified as idols but have recently decided that they aren’t anymore. Confusing? Well yeah, that’s how Tokyo Girls’ Style rolls.

Formed in 2009, Tokyo Girls’ Style was AVEX’s attempt to capitalize on the demand for female pop groups at the time and their re-entry into the market after the disbandment of their last girl group SweetS in 2006. And they have been very successful in this endeavour.

Tokyo Girls’ Style differed from other idol groups in that their sound was more in line with other AVEX acts. Meaning that they were given songs that had a distinct 1990’s flavor to them. And for them that was primarily some form of R&B/Pop crossover. Their can be sound can be described as more mature than the average idol act and hence their whole “We’re not idols anymore.” proclamation in April of 2015. They are now artistes.

With that said they might not appeal to those who like their girl group music hyper, ultra genki and/or full of fake horns or noises from the producer. They are most likely for those who seek more of that “cool” type of vibe from their female groups.

babyraids/babyraids JAPAN

babyraids or babyraids JAPAN as they are known as now are a female idol group who debuted in 2012. They are managed by LesPros Entertainment and release their music through the Pony Canyon label.

They are probably familiar to people who have watched the drama Amachan as their song Koyomi no Ue dewa December was used as one of the singles for the fictional idol group Ameyoko Jogakuen Geino Course (a.k.a. AmeJo) who are part GMT47; an idol organization the main character Aki joins as part of the second story arc of the drama.

By the way, if you haven’t watched Amachan, you should. It’s great.

Anyway, getting back to babyraids. They are similar to groups like Buono! and PASSPO where rock music is the primary backdrop for their songs. And like those groups they also perform with an actual band during their live performances and concerts. So if that floats your boat give them a go.


A female idol group formed in 2011, AeLL (short for Activity Eco Life with Love) has 4 members that includes popular gravure idol Shinozaki Ai. Their concept was to promote ecology and fighting against environmental issues to improve health. Although I don’t really know if they really lived up to that concept or not.

This group has been on “indefinite hiatus” as of September 2014 to allow the members to pursue other career opportunities. Whether they will reform or not is unknown. If they don’t come back, at least they left some decent music behind from their 3 years as a group. You should check out their second album 4/4 Yon Bun no Yon, it contains all the songs from the videos above.

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