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Lyrical School

A female idol Hip-Hop group founded in 2010, they had the unfortunate case of being named tengal6 when they first hit the scene. Why? Well because at the time they were sponsored by sex toy brand TENGA. Yes, you read that right. In August of 2012 they were reborn as Lyrical School and their career has taken off since.

Idols spitting rhymes is nothing new, you see it in K-Pop all the time. It’s just that the assigned rappers in those groups are mostly just not very good at it compared to real MC’s. (with a few exceptions of course) When it comes to J-Pop you also have members attempting to drop a verse and also doing it very badly. (See AKB48’s Green Flash as a prime example)

Thankfully there are some groups out there like Lyrical School attempting to keep it real (for the lack of a better phrase) in some way. Hip-Hop might be a foreign entity to some of you but if you’re looking for a bit of swag in your idols Lyrical School is a great group to start with. Just beware of their singing. It’s not their strong suit.


Jun Seba a.k.a. Nujabes was a Japanese Hip-Hop producer and DJ. His stage name is an anagram of his actual name spelled in reverse. His style was a mix of Hip-Hop, Rap and Jazz samples and he is most recognizable for contributing the music for the Samurai Champloo anime series.

Nujabes died in a traffic accident on February 26, 2010, leaving a body of work that included 5 studio albums and 5 compilation albums containing collaborations with various underground Japanese and American Hip-Hop acts.

This is another stretch for folks who only know idols as the absolute be all and end all of music. It will probably take a leap of faith for some to dive into the works of Nujabes, especially considering that his work was mainly for the underground and not what the mainstream would call radio friendly Hip-Hop. I think it’s worth the investment of time to discover his catalog. Whether you trust my judgement or not is up to you.


That is just the short list of artists I could come up with when looking through my collection of music. I could probably come up with a few more to add to the list but this is getting long enough already. Of course your recommendations are welcome as well. Remember to keep it clean though folks. You don’t want to deter people from a certain act, you want to encourage them to get out there and explore.

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