Fairies – More Kiss / Song For You

Fairies More Kiss

Release Date: September 21, 2011

Track Listing

  1. More Kiss
  2. Song For You
  3. More Kiss (Instrumental)
  4. Song For You (Instrumental)


Fairies are an idol group from the Vision Factory agency who are signed to the AVEX sub-label Sonic Groove and More Kiss / Song For you is their major label debut released way back in September of 2011.

Given that this group is on AVEX there is a certain type of sound that one would expect from artists from that roster. More Kiss follows the template set by idol groups of AVEX past and it works to Fairies’ advantage.

The song is about as mainstream urban pop as one can get but in the world of idol music it can be considered edgy for bucking the trend of hyper genki disposable fluff that the genre is known for.

In a way More Kiss can be considered close to what fellow AVEX cohorts Tokyo Girls Style have been releasing. If that makes you all happy in your pants then you should not have any issues here.

The b-side Song For You is probably more typical of what one would expect from an idol group but it’s not bad. Much like the a-side the song has a bit of bite to it that makes it a worthy listen.

Of most interest about this group besides the fact that they aren’t just handed generic idol pop, is their vocals. These girls don’t have a trace of high pitched squeak in them and sound more like a proper vocal group.

That is probably not the most important thing to the majority of idol fans but there are a few out there like me who appreciate vocal talent over an abundance of personality. With Fairies you can be content knowing that the talent pool wasn’t diluted for the sake of “kawaii”.

With the idol boom causing over saturation in the market it’s difficult for any group to make an impact. With More Kiss/Song For You Fairies left a lasting impression that built the foundation for their following singles.

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