Fairies – Soushisouai☆destination Review

Fairies Soushisouai-Destination-Cover

Release Date: July 15, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Soushisouai☆destination
  2. Honey Vacation
  3. Soushisouai☆destination (Eivissa rockin’ mix ver.)
  4. Soushisouai☆destination (Instrumental)
  5. Honey Vacation (Instrumental)


Soushisouai☆destination is the 11th single released by Fairies. The song combines the high-energy dance pop the group is known for with some heavy electric guitar work. Some may expect something along the lines of PASSPO-lite or maybe Momoiro Clover Z without the involuntary spastic tendencies after hearing that description.

Instead, think of this as more like an older-sounding AVEX dance song that happens to have a bit of a driving Rock music influence. This is still very much a Fairies-style song in the end.

The most interesting aspect of the song is that the groups seem to be trying to stretch themselves vocally to match the song’s intensity. And for the most part, it works. There are moments after the chorus where there’s a bit of straining, but it’s nothing overly off-putting. Perhaps this is a case where one gives them an “A” for effort.

The Eivissa rockin mix of Soushisouai☆destination drops the guitars and instead goes for a higher tempo 90’s influenced Bubblegum Euro House backdrop with mild touches of modern dubstep production techniques. Thankfully the cheese factor that made many songs of that era so awful has been left on the cutting room floor, leaving a perfectly serviceable alternative for those who are not feeling the original version.

The b-side Honey Vacation follows the traditional idol dance song template, even if it doesn’t sound like it. But once you get into the meat of the song, you get the whole genki idol vibe. It’s nothing special, to be honest, and is just kind of one of those songs that are just there. If it were left off the single, the 2 other songs would still make this a decent package.

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