Fairies – Synchronized ~Synchro~ Review

Fairies Synchronized CD Cover

Release Date: March 1, 2017

Track Listing


  1. Synchronized ~Synchro~
  2. The Fairytale
  3. Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Instrumental)
  4. The Fairytale (Instrumental)

Member Editions/mu-mo

  1. Synchronized ~Synchro~
  2. The Fairytale


Synchronized ~Synchro~ is the 14th single release from Fairies. It was released in eight versions including 5 member only editions and a CD + Desktop Calendar mu-mo edition.

After the departure of Fujita Miria in January Fairies begin anew as a 5-member unit with Synchronized ~Synchro~. With this song the group continue along the route of more mature sounding music started with their last single Crossroad.

Unlike their last single, the traces of “idol cool” have been eliminated in favor of a more tried and true Avex type of dance/pop song. That musical shift might make them sound a little more generic compared to their previous releases. But that is to be expected. It will probably take a few more singles for this group to get into their groove as they mature into adulthood as pop singers so it’s not really too much of a step back.

The b-side The Fairytale is another example of Fairies’ new direction showcasing another dance/pop track with a bit of an edge. It is quite catchy and the only real flaw in the entire song are the somewhat broken English lyrics. Otherwise it is a perfectly fine compliment to Synchronized ~Synchro~.

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (CD+DVD)

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (CD Only)

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Ito Momoka Ver.)

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Shimomura Miki Ver.)

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Hayashida Mahiro Ver.)

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Nomoto Sora Ver.)

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Inoue Rikako Ver.)

Synchronized ~Synchro~ (mu-mo)


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