FAKY to Release Major Debut Album


FAKY’s long awaited major debut album is about to be released! The 6-track album will feature a variety of songs including the fan favorite “Keep Out”, the VMAJ 2016 BEST NEW ARTIST VIDEO nominated “Candy”, the most recent single “Surrender”, the Asia Air CM song “Someday We’ll Know”, and 2 other brand new tracks. As their very first CD release and major debut album, FAKY will finally show the world just what they are possible of!

FAKY / Major Debut Mini Album (TBC)

CD+DVD RZCD-86355/B : 3,024 yen (tax in)
CD ONLY RZCD-86356 : 2,160 yen (tax in)
CD ONLY RZC1-86357 : 1,500 yen (tax in) ※event venue exclusive

CD Tracklist

  1. Keep Out
  2. Candy
  3. Are You OK?
  4. Bad Things
  5. Surrender
  6. Someday We’ll Know

CD ONLY (RZCD-86356) releases, a bonus remix track is scheduled to be included.
CD ONLY event venue exclusive (RZC1-86357) release, the track list will feature 4 songs: “CANDY” “Bad Things” “Surrender” and “Someday We’ll Know”.

DVD Content

  1. Candy Music Video
  2. Are You OK? Music Video
  3. Surrender Music Video
  4. Someday We’ll Know Music Video (※Features behind-the-scene footage)

★mu-mo Shop Exclusive Pre-order Bonuses!

Customers who pre-order will receive a special poster signed by the members of FAKY! Supplies are limited so pre-order now!

(PC) http://shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1/?artist_id=FAKYX
(MB) http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1?artist_id=FAKYX

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FAKY Official Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/fakyjp/

FAKY LINE Official Account – http://line.me/ti/p/%40faky