Far East Movement – Dirty Bass

Far East Movement Dirty Bass

Release Date: June 12, 2012

Track Listing:

  1. Dirty Bass feat. Tyga
  2. Live My Life feat. Justin Bieber
  3. Where The Wild Things Are feat. Crystal Kay
  4. Turn Up The Love feat. Cover Drive
  5. Flossy feat. My Name Is Kay
  6. If I Die Tomorrow feat. Bill Kaulitz
  7. Ain’t Coming Down feat. Sidney Samson & Matthew Koma
  8. Candy feat. Pitbull
  9. Fly With U feat. Cassie
  10. Show Me Love feat. Alvaro
  11. Live Me Life (Party Rock Remix) feat. Justin Bieber & Redfoo
  12. Little Bird
  13. Basshead feat. YG
  14. Lights Go Out (Go Crazy) feat. Junior Caldera & Natalia Kills


Far East Movement hit the mainstream when their 2010 album Free Wired shot to the top of the charts on the strength of their singles Like A G6, Rocketeer and If I Was You. 2 years later they return with their second album Dirty Bass.

What that means is numerous collaborations with different artists including Justin Bieber, LMFAO, Cassie and Pitbull. In addition to well-known mainstream artists they have also worked with some international artists such as Crystal Kay (Japan), Bill Kaulitz (Germany) and Cover Drive. (Barbados)

Their sound has not changed much over the 2 years they have been away from the mainstream consciousness. They’re still rocking the party for most of the 14 tracks on this album. Much like Free Wired, some might find this to be extremely repetitive and perhaps rather more of the same old thing.

Case in point is the lead single Live My Life. (featuring Justin Bieber) It isn’t exactly groundbreaking material but you know what? It’s still some damn fine ADD type of listening material.

Besides the previously released singles (Live My Life, Dirty Bass, Turn Up The Love) other tracks worth checking out are Where The Wild Things Are, Fly With U and Lights Go Out (Go Crazy). Fly With U contains a very famous sample that should be an easy one to train spot for Euro Dance fans.

Even though there isn’t much advancement from Free Wired I think if you don’t take this album too seriously you shouldn’t have problem. To put it another way, if you like recent Black Eyed Peas type of beats or the Electro Pop coming out of South Korea this should be on your iPod.

Dirty Bass


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