Far East Movement – Free Wired

Far East Movement Free Wired

Release Date: October 12, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Girls On The Dance Floor feat. Stereotypes
  2. Like A G6 feat. Cataracs & Dev
  3. Rocketeer feat. Ryan Tedder of ONE Republic
  4. If I Was You (OMG) feat. Snoop Dogg
  5. She Owns The Night feat. Mohombi
  6. So What?
  7. Don’t Look Now feat. Keri Hilson
  8. Fighting For Air feat. Vincent Frank a.k.a. Frankmusik
  9. White Flag feat. Kayla Kai
  10. 2Gether with Roger Sanchez feat. Kanobby


The Far East Movement is an American Electro-Hop group from Los Angeles who started their career in 2003 as a trio performing at local clubs and events in the L.A. area. In 2008 the group became a quartet when Power 106 DJ Virman joined.

They have released 3 albums (Audio-Bio, Folk Music and Animal) and Free Wired is their first major label release. It features the singles Like A G6 and Rocketeer featuring Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic. With a monster track such as Like A G6 going number one on the Billboard Hot 100, it’s somewhat expected that perhaps the album may not live up to the hype created by that one song.

After all, usually when a group goes huge with one track, the rest of their album tends to fall off in quality pretty quickly. That’s not the case with Free Wired. In fact, Like A G6 isn’t even the strongest track on the album and is out shined by the follow up track Rocketeer, Girls On The Dancefloor, She Owns The Night and So What.

This is definitely a party track kind of album and there are few low tempo songs to break things up. Some may find it monotonous but as a whole it’s not as repetitive as similar acts that do the same thing.

I couldn’t help but think about K-Pop when listening to this album. Some of the songs sound very similar to what is coming out of that genre, except in this case the lyrics are in English. With that said it kind of makes sense that they were named Best International Artist at the 2010 MNet Asian Music Awards.

Overall, a very solid major label debut.

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