FEMM – 80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL Review

FEMM 80s 90s J-Pop Revival

Release Date: October 25, 2017

Track Listing

  1. My Revolution feat. Akina, Anna & Mikako from FAKY [Watanabe Misato]
  2. CANDY GIRL [hitomi]
  3. Samishii Nettaigyo [Wink]
  4. Donna to Kimo [Makihara Noriyuki]
  5. Sumire September Love [Ippudo]
  6. There will be love there – ai no aru basho – [the brilliant green]
  7. Dear Friends [Personz]
  8. Roman Hikou [Kome Kome Club]
  9. Sotsugyo [Yuki Saitou]
  10. BELIEVE IN LOVE [Lindberg]
  11. SEVEN DAYS WAR [TM Network]
  12. Konya wa Boogie Back (nice vocal) feat. Lil’ Fang from FAKY & Yup’in [Scha Dara Parr and Kenji Osawa]


When it comes to music there are various eras that people fondly remember for various reasons. Some look back at certain songs and the impression it left on them where others recall the artists who became big influences in their lives. When it comes to J-Pop the music created in the 1980’s and 1990’s can be considered as one of those golden times where everything seemed just right for those of a certain older age demographic and/or fans of retro pop music.

With that in mind FEMM’s second full-length release resurrects some of the major J-Pop hits from those particular time periods and re-imagines them in an EDM pop sound. It features 12 covers of familiar songs that some out there may have belted out loudly and out of tune at a few drunken karaoke sessions.

80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL starts out strong with their previously released single My Revolution. The momentum continues to build through the covers of CANDY GIRL, Samishii Nettaigyo and Donna to Kimo. So far so good for the first half of the album. It is when you hit the latter half that things start to get a little mired in similar sounding songs that don’t necessarily endear themselves to the listener, nor do they really do a lot of justice to the original versions of what FEMM are covering.

It is not until you get to the last song that you get something interesting to hear again. The version of Konya wa Boogie Back (nice vocal) here is different from the one on the single that came out in September. This has a more of a EDM dancehall swing type feel compared to the EDM/Hip-Hop blend that the single offered. It doesn’t necessarily redeem the entire second half of the album but it does help end it on a good note.

In the end this might have been better off as an EP rather than a full album. The second half with the exception of the last song is a wash sadly. If you are a fan of FEMM you may even find 80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL to be somewhat weak when looking at their discography as a whole. You may want to pick and choose what songs interest you and download those or just stick with the first 6 songs and the last one and skip the rest.


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