FEMM – My Revolution/Konya wa Boogie Back Review

Release Date: September 13, 2017

Track Listing

  1. My Revolution
  2. Konya wa Boogie Back (Nice Vocal)
  3. Falling For A Lullaby

FEMM’s new double a-side digital single follows the concept of “80’s – 90’s J-Pop Revival”. It features covers of Misato Watanabe’s 1986 song My Revolution and Kenji Ozawa’s 1994 track Konya wa Boogie Back.

I’m going to state that I am not too familiar with 80’s and 90’s J-Pop. It’s before my time in this particular music genre. So I don’t know if what FEMM has done to these songs would be considered bastardizations or not. I’m just going to base my opinions on what I hear comparing the original compositions to FEMM’s covers.

My Revolution features FAKY members Akina, Anna and Mikako and the track is updated to an EDM sound complete with heavy vocal effects and the addition of short rap sections after the first chorus. The base melodic elements are still present so there some faithfulness to the original as far as I can tell.

Konya wa Boogie Back (Nice Vocal) features FAKY member Lil’ Fang and Yup’in singing the rapped parts of the song. FEMM’s interpretation is much different from the laid back 90’s Hip-Hop flow of the original. Even though it is a different sounding song, the essence of the original is more apparent in this cover.

The final song on this single is Falling For A Lullaby, an original English language EDM song. It was used as a CM song for Prince Shopping Plaza. It fits within previous material FEMM has released so if you like their older works this should be something you might want to give a quick listen to if you’re not interested in the covers.

With FEMM releasing their full 80’s/90’s J-POP REVIVAL album on October 25 this is the perfect lead-in if you are interested in hearing what they they will be doing on that project. As a stand alone single package this is pretty good and it may be an educational tour back to the days of J-Pop yore for those who are not knowledgeable in those eras of music.

The only negative I can think of in regards to this single is that it might be considered blasphemy to 80’s and 90’s J-Pop purists. If that is you, then you should probably avoid this single.

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