FEMM release new album ‘Tokyo Girls Anthem’

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From the release of their breakthrough girls’ empowerment anthem ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’ in 2014, Japanese mannequin rap duo FEMM has built a loyal fanbase of music fans and influencers in the West pioneering a new era for women in the rap scene. Later, their debut album, ‘Femm-Isation,’ reached the Top 10 of the Billboard World Albums chart in the United States while also being featured in the Best Indie Albums section at HMV stores across the United Kingdom.

On Friday, December 17, 2021, this unique duo followed their hit debut release with their second full-length album, ‘Tokyo Girls Anthem.’ As the title suggests, it is an album packed with exciting tracks “by girls, for girls.”

A music video for the ‘Tokyo Girls Anthem’ title track will get a YouTube Premiere release on December 24 at noon Japan time.

The video was directed by style icon Babymary, director of fashion brand FALINE TOKYO, a pioneer of Japan’s girls’ fashion scene and beloved by fans worldwide.

FEMM has an even larger audience in Europe than in Japan, and the new album features collaborations with European producer Boys Noize, known for his work with A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean and Rina Sawayama cohort Danny L Harle and DaBaby/Lil Uzi Vert collaborator Star Boy. Producers KM and LISACHRIS also feature from Japan, while Duke of Harajuku, Elle Teresa and Yup’in appear as guest artists.

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K2 illustrates the album jacket, a rising artist who gained widespread attention in the scene for his impressive cover artwork for Young Thug’s No.1 album ‘PUNK.’ This striking illustration shows the faces of FEMM members RiRi and LuLa blending poisonously yet beautifully into one.

The members also announced that even more music videos are coming soon, revealing the following release schedule on social media:

December 24, 2021: ‘Tokyo Girls Anthem’
January 7, 2022: ‘Mental Health feat Yup’in’
January 14, 2022: ‘Lolly’
Date TBD: ‘ID:T1G3R’

Keep a lookout for more FEMM news soon!

Release information

Artist: FEMM
Album title: ‘Tokyo Girls Anthem’
Release date: Friday, December 17, 2021

Download & streaming links: https://avex.lnk.to/TokyoGirlsAnthem
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/jp/album/id1597693050
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/5q9IuQHHU4ZybzirTtYiXB
Amazon Music Unlimited: https://music.amazon.co.jp/albums/B09N8PQ51N


  1. Tokyo Girls Anthem [produced by Star Boy]
  2. Mental Health feat. Yup’in [produced by Radical Hardcore Clique]
  3. Lolly [produced by LISACHRIS]
  4. ID:T1G3R [produced by Radical Hardcore Clique]
  5. LCS [produced by Boys Noize]
  6. Dolls Kill feat. Elle Teresa [produced by LAZ¥$TAR]
  7. Plastic [produced by MYLK]
  8. Boss [produced by KM]
  9. Level Up feat. Duke of Harajuku [produced by Star Boy, Loesoe, Radical Hardcore Clique]
  10. Peach [produced by Danny L Harle, Radical Hardcore Clique]

FEMM Profile

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As a girls’ anthem with a darkly humorous message, mannequin rap duo FEMM’s acclaimed song ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’ found an audience with teens and influencers in the United States, quickly spreading around Europe, South America and Asia. In addition, FEMM’s debut album ‘Femm-Isation’ brought Japanese female rap to a whole new audience, reaching the Top 10 of Billboard’s World Albums chart in the US.

In Britain, the Huffington Post highlighted FEMM in its ‘6 Acts to Watch in 2016’ list, and HMV included the duo in the Best Indie Albums section at its stores across the UK. FEMM has blazed a trail as acclaimed female rap artists at home and abroad through these global activities.

FEMM’s love of internet culture made them frontrunners of trends that are now sweeping the world, receiving praise for their reinterpretation of the 1980s and ’90s J-pop through a vaporwave filter. In 2020, they released their six-song EP ‘404 Not Found’, whose title refers to the error message that appears when a website cannot be found – alluding to FEMM’s brand-new sound that does not exist anywhere else, no matter how hard you look. With their dark vision and aggressive musicality that rides the forefront of the hyperpop boom, FEMM is attracting attention from FEMM fans (known as Agents) and music fans and media around the world.


Official website: https://femms.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/femm____/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FEMM____
YouTube: https://bit.ly/2THLXBn
TikTok: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSJ14XWfX/