Final Thoughts On Anime Expo 2009

To end my entire Anime Expo 2009 odyssey you can check out what I did on day 4 here.  It wasn’t much really.

Now for my closing thoughts.  I really don’t know what to say about the convention itself.  Sometimes things went smooth other times things went downhill.  Usually it was the latter.  I had been warned that this event has a history of kind of being a clusterfuck at times, but I chose not to believe the naysayers.

I’m fairly sure that AX staff had no idea just how crazy it would get when it came to the Morning Musume events & they handled things as best they could.  I think the press junket for Morning Musume could have been handled much more tactfully than it was.  I’m not bitching, I”m just pointing out an observation that’s all.  It just means I have to step my game up to be taken more seriously should I go back to AX next year.

What else? Well as much as I disliked the ticketing system for autographs it really was the only fair way to do such events.  Unfortunately some people took advantage of the system a little & there was a bit of confusion in regards to line ups & such.  If a UFA artist should every grace North American soil again I bet everyone involved will be better prepared or at least aware of how massive of a following their artists have & adjust things to accommodate everyone from the fans to the band(s) to the label.  I would consider this a lesson learned for the next time (should there be one).

Also, the lack of informed staff had me also concerned.  I mean us running around like chickens with our heads cut off in Hall K was not good.  If you’re going to tell people where to go in a mass announcement you better get it right the first time & not leave everyone to fend for themselves.  It did create a somewhat dangerous situation with people running all over the place & such.  I’m not suggesting stopping autograph sessions at all, because that would be an awfully stupid decision if it came to that.  I just think a little more organization & planning ahead of time would have prevented a lot of problems.

As for the good in all of this.  Well I finally got to meet many people I have been corresponding with online for a long time.  Whether they be International Wota or JPH!P or whatever.  It was great to finally put a face to a name (or nickname if I forgot your real name).

First I would like to send shout outs to all my Seattle people (you know who you are), it was great seeing you all again. And to all new folks I ran into over the course of the con (you too of course know who you are), it was great meeting you & I hope to also see you again when another event of this epicness happens again.  Lastly, to all the random strangers I gave my business card to,  I hope you at least visited this site at least once. =)

Of course this would not be complete without a big thank you to UFA, JapanFiles and Anime Expo for making this all happen.  The concert made up for everything else that went bonkers before it.  I was glad to be part the entire experience.  I can’t wait to see who comes over next.

This concludes the coverage of AX 2009.  I hope you enjoyed reading my many long, long articles about this entire trip.  Here’s to the next one, where ever & when ever that may be.  In the meantime check out my photo gallery from the trip.

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