Flower – Sakura Regret

Flower Sakura Regret

Release Date: February 29, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Sakura Regret
  2. Be With You
  3. Just A Little Bit
  4. Sakura Regret (Instrumental)


Flower follow up their debut single Still with another R&B song  called Sakura Regret. It has a similar tone to their previous outing expressing anguish over lost love. This stays true to the well honed EXILE family sound and in a way is similar to the ballads that Sandaime J-Soul Brothers have been doing. If you enjoy that brand of Urban music then this will be perfect listening as you drown your broken heart in a big box of wine.

Of course you don’t have to be heart broken to enjoy this track, it’s a perfectly fine break from hyper genki idol music or flavor of the month, radio friendly dance pop. While it doesn’t exactly show any major growth from their last single it’s still pleasant enough listening for the discerning R&B head or EXILE fan.

The b-sides Be With You & Just A Little Bit offset the moodiness with some uptempo flavor. The former is a rather generic bit of idol pop that could pass for some decent filler. The better of the 2 b-sides is Just A Little Bit which brings a bit of mid-tempo R&B/Funk into the mix.

One could say it’s comparable early to mid 90’s Urban music. I found it had a bit more of a U.K. vibe than an American one. If you need more recent groups to compare this song to, think of recent Chocolat or maybe some of the funkier tracks from Tokyo Girls Style.

Overall this was alright. Much like their debut, it’s nothing mind blowing but you can hear the foundation for something good coming down the line.

Sakura Regret (CD + DVD)

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Sakura Regret (CD Only)

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