From An Amateur’s Perspective (In Writing and Music)

It’s one the weirdest things to think that, on here, I am classed as a senpai to some of the other writers… ones who I am pretty sure to be older than me.

It’s also a little hard to believe that come October this year, I will have been a part of the Selective Hearing staff for 5 whole years. Wow.


I love writing, and I love writing about Idols and the music they produce. Before I loved Idols of all forms though, I loved Hello! Project, and before that, anime music. The list of the music I love and have loved goes on, and it is a love that has been expressed here in review more than once. I just happen to condense that love, is all.

When I first joined Selective Hearing back in 2011, I was still a rather new writer to the Idol blogging scene. I was expressive, excited, silly and very, very fangirlish in my personal blogs content, traits that I had to leave behind when bringing my reviews to Selective Hearing. Yes, I could still show my excitement and expression here, however it needed to be condensed and refined, two things I was not used to.

I liked to be wordy, so whittling my pieces down was a little… well, it was different, so to speak.

Not to say my earlier reviews here weren’t long, because they were, however over the years I have successfully condensed my material and found the power of keeping it short and sweet.

Honestly, I love writing for other blogs that are not my own, because there are rules and restrictions to follow; it teaches me other ways of writing, forms to follow and forces me to bring my own distinct voice to a piece that could be pretty alien to me in its style. It branches out what I can do, as well as molds me into what I hope is a better, more understanding writer.

By no means am I on the level of the other writers here, but I honestly pride myself on how I write. Sure, I don’t know the correct terminology like others, nor do I have the best of tastes in music, but my passion for writing about Idol music and sharing it with the world is there, and it is something I love sharing here, even if I don’t necessarily post as much as others. I put my all into what I write like everyone else, and I hope that comes through.

Since coming here, I have found the joys of writing for other blogs and what it can do for my own writing. I love sharing pieces here and talking with the other members. I now debate about Idols and music with Steve and Hannah, and I continuously ask them for advice. Above all, I am thankful that Greg has allowed me to write here, because it just makes writing for Idols that little bit better when I can do it surrounded by other members who want to share their love for music just as much as I do.

I’m only a writer here, but by writing here and sharing my love for Japanese Idol music I feel happy. Hopefully in the near future I can share more than music on this site, however that is a bridge I will cross when I come to it.

Thank you for reading Selective Hearing for all these years. I hope you stay for many more, and to watch it grow into something even more amazing than it already is!

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