fromis_9 – We Go (Selective Hearing Remix)

fromis_9 9 Way Ticket Cover

Release Date: May 17, 2021
Key: F#
BPM: 124

We Go is the title song from fromis_9’s second single, 9 Way Ticket. The original version is an uptempo dance-pop song that has light influences from disco.

The original version has an airy kind of feel to it so the first thing I did was change things up a bit by composing a heavier beat and bassline to anchor the song. I kept the melodic elements brighter to stay in line with the vocal. I wanted to put some sort of funky guitar into this remix as well but I couldn’t quite get it right. So I chose to go with more electronic sounds instead.

In the end, I believe I have created something that gives We Go a different type of flavour without staying too far from the qualities that make the original version so catchy.

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