Fujita Nana – Migiashi Evidence Review

Fujita Nana Migiashi Evidence

Release Date: December 23, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Migiashi Evidence
  2. Kmi wa Ima Made Doko ni Ita?
  3. Migiashi Evidence (Instrumental)
  4. Kimi wa Ima Made Doko ni Ita? (Instrumental)


AKB48’s 2015 Group Janken Taikai was held last fall and it has generated another unlikely winner, AKB48 Team K’s Fujita Nana. For her heroic efforts in surviving the battles of Rock, Paper, Scissors [Lizard, Spock] she was awarded a solo debut.

Given that Fujita isn’t a name that is on the radar of casual AKB48 followers, it is likely that only hardcore Team K loyalists were anticipating this with rabid frothing of the mouth. Everyone else may have been more curious as to what could be done with a relative unknown when you push her way out front by herself.

The end result is something that AKB48 fans may have heard before but with a different member up front. For those who have short memories (or maybe choose to forget) there was Itano Tomomi, whose solo works were very reminiscent of AVEX styled dance/pop and when she graduated it was assumed that she took that with her.

Well I guess there were a few tracks left on the cutting room floor that needed some dusting off because we now have Fujita Nana basically pulling an Itano for her debut. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course. If anything, it makes for a something a little unexpected.

With that said Migiashi Evidence could be considered a song that emphasizes style over substance. Fujita isn’t going to be hitting any of those diva notes that only animals with acute hearing can pick up but this material doesn’t necessarily call for her to diva out.

The video also appears to further stress that this is very much a simple ear and eye candy extravaganza. Attentive viewers will probably notice that Fujita has a bit of an issue lip syncing and dancing at the same time. But that’s not really important to most of you right?

The b-side on this single is performed by the remainder of the janken senbatsu and is very much a standard AKB styled song. It’s not anything to write home about to be honest and feels like one of those filler tracks or supplementary album cuts that you might go to if there’s nothing better to listen to.

The video is cute but isn’t completely fail enough for me given that Nakanishi Chiyori is the center. I guess I had certain expectations of epic fail type comedy. The benefit of this janken song is that you get a blend of members who probably would not be together if not for the randomness of the tournament. So that is a small positive to take away.

Overall Migiashi Evidence is an okay debut for Fujita Nana, even if it does sound like one of Itano Tomomi’s castoffs. The b-side of this single? It’s probably best to skip unless you really want to complete your AKB48 song collection or you’re a big Nakanishi Chiyori fan.

Migiashi Evidence


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