f(x) – Nu ABO

Release Date: May 6, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Nu ABO
  2. Mr. Boogie
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Me + You
  5. Surprise Party
  6. Sorry (Dear Daddy)


f(x) are a pop dance group signed to SM Entertainment and Nu ABO is their first mini-album. The “ABO” refers to blood types and signifies f(x) as bringing new blood into the Korean pop music industry. With their quick nine month climb to the upper levels of South Korean girl groups the title is certainly fitting. One has to wonder if this album solidifies the hype behind the group.

Well the title track (& lead single) will probably turn off a lot of fans simply because it’s completely different from everything they’ve done before. Many are used to hearing something, well… Lighter and more urban contemporary from this group. Nu ABO has a much darker and harder electronic sound that doesn’t exactly have an easy sing-a-long hook or anything for the causal listener to grab on to. But once you get past the initial shock it’s a fairly decent track you will either love or hate.

Everything else pretty much is status-quo after that with Mr. Boogie & Ice Cream standing out among the pack. The funny thing is that a lot of fans consider Mr. Boogie to be the logical choice as a follow up single. I don’t find it hard to disagree, it has a lot of the previously mentioned qualities that Nu ABO is missing. Although I tend to think that it sounds a lot like a lot like what other groups in their genre are doing. I would probably go with the more bubbly and cutesy (for this group) Ice Cream instead.

There is some debate as to what they are singing in the chorus. For the record it’s “Milkshake Milkshake”. Not “Make a shank” or “Make a shake”. Although if they were singing about making shanks I would think the song would have a completely different meaning.

The last track worth mentioning is Sorry (Dear Daddy). This group isn’t known for ballads & unless you’re an obsessive fan who picked up the one they did for some Korean drama (the song is called Calling Out) then this is probably a new experience for you.  This song isn’t too bad, although I don’t exactly encourage them to start whipping out the power ballads on their next singles/album. But it’s nice to know they’re capable of slowing things down without boring the listener.

Overall a fairly short mini-album (many of the songs barely hit the 3 minute mark) that goes by fairly quickly. There is potential that if they release a full length album it could be a fairly entertaining experience. If you haven’t succumbed to the charms of f(x) yet this may change your mind about them. For those who are already in their camp, this is just going to make you want for a full length album sooner or later.


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