Ga-In – Step 2/4

Ga-In Step 2/4

Release Date: October 8, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Nitchell (Baby-G Mix)
  2. Irreversible
  3. Tango The Night
  4. Esperando
  5. Gain (Song)
  6. Truth


The members of the Brown Eyed Girls members are slowly releasing their solo efforts. First up was Narsha in July with her quirky, yet extremely solid self-titled mini-album. Next up is Ga-In with her mini-album titled Step 2/4.

This is a very different beast from band mate Narsha’s effort. Step 2/4 has a strong Tango influence and gives off a more relaxing vibe overall. The productions on this are quite the departure from the typical K-Pop sound. If this was done on purpose, well good on the producers for doing something different.

The lead single Irreversible sets the tone for the entire album with its easy going groove and strong vocal performance by Ga-In. You have to admire the vocal talent within Brown Eyed Girls. Each member has some incredible chops. Anyway, while Irreversible may have been chosen as the single it’s not the strongest track on this EP.

That honor goes to the smooth Esperando. Not only do you have something that you could probably do a pretty intense Tango to, but you also get a very sexy, breathy type of vocal that very few female (or male) performers could pull off without sounding cheesy or desperate. Hot stuff.

So far each member of BEG has been putting their own unique stamp on their solo works instead of relying on sounding like their parent group. Another winner that I highly recommend.

Step 2/4

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