Galaxias – Galaxias


Release Date: November 23, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Entry
  2. Connection
  3. Boys & Girls
  4. galaxias!
  5. Iny
  6. Escape From The Hopeless Future
  7. Future
  8. J.A.N.
  9. Little Stars
  10. Emergency


Galaxias is a unit formed by singer/actress Kou Shibasaki with DECO*27 and Teddyloid. They had previously worked together on Shibasaki’s single Mukei Spirit where DECO*27 was responsible for its composition and Teddyloid provided the Mugen Loop Mix of the song. The result of their latest collaboration is this, their self-titled debut album.

What you get from Galaxias is a blend of each individuals musical influences. The majority of what you hear fits squarely within Japanese Electro Pop but you also get a bit of rock, dance and dub step thrown into the mix for an interesting mish-mash of sounds. The tracks that exemplify this are the lead single Connection, galaxias!, Future, J.A.N. & Little Stars.

These should give you a good idea of what this group has to offer. If you’re looking for someone to compare them to I would say your best bet is to look at Genki Rockets, Capsule and the Boom Boom Satellites.

For a debut album this is some solid stuff. It may not suit those who are used to mainstream sounding music but if you’re a fan of any of the artists involved in this project or just like to listen to something outside of the norm then give Galaxias a chance.


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Galaxias (Limited Edition)

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