Getsushima Kirarin starring Kusumi Koharu – Kirari to Fuyu

Kirari to Fuyu / Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi

Track Listing

  1. Koi Sain
  2. Anataboshi (Milky Way)
  3. Papancake
  4. Love Chiku
  5. Oh! Tomodachi
  6. Masakarafuru
  7. Happy Love
  8. SoRaMiMiDoReMi
  9. Gamu Sharara (Milky Way)
  10. Tan Tan Taan (Milky Way)
  11. San San GOGO (Milky Way)
  12. Yume no Balloon


This another Kirarin Revolution related album.  I’ve never listened to the other ones since I really had no great incentive to do so.  What made this different?  Well curiosity kind of got the better of me and… Well, it was quite a chore getting all the way through it.

I like the actual musical compositions. There’s an interesting mish-mash of styles ranging from pure pop to a bit of ska.  What I didn’t like is when Kusumi started singing.  Her voice on these songs ranges from barely tolerable to just plain awful.  Some would say that’s par for the course, but I beg to differ.  I’m fairly sure that these songs would be better if she was allowed to sing somewhat normally (Koi Sain) instead of like a tone deaf crack head. (Papancake)

The only other parts on this album I liked were the Milky Way tracks.  The group has voices that actually blend together quite well & their songs are catchy and fun. (Instead of annoying & pandering)  Honestly I would have preferred an entire album of their stuff instead.  That has the potential to be some great work.

My suggestion for Kirari to Fuyu is to pass on it.

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