(G)I-DLE – Last Dance (Selective Hearing Remix)

GIDLE Last Dance Cover

Release Date: April 29, 2021
Key: D Minor
BPM: 120

Last Dance is the fourth of the promotional singles released in conjunction with the Korean mobile application Universe. The original version is a composition by GroovyRoom and is a Deep House/ Pop hybrid. The artist performing Last Dance is none other than (G)I-DLE. Well, at least five of them are performing the song. If you want more details about all that check out my review of the digital single.

In my review of this song, I mentioned that this song has an excellent build-up to the chorus and then suddenly falls flat. When looking at the sheet music for Last Dance, I can see why. 80% of it is two chords repeated over and over. Much of the build of the song is through the rhythm section for the most part. With that thought in mind, I decided to add a bit more hype to the track in my interpretation.

That meant building a rhythm section driven by hard kicks and an evolving series of percussion until the chorus hits. Rather than have the pre-mature ejaculation feeling of the original, I added more into the chorus section to give that proper release of tension. More movement is added through a deeper flowing bassline and pads to add atmosphere. The remainder of the melodic elements is a few strategically placed arps and stabby synths.

The final product is a more of a standard type of flow to the song that keeps the energy going throughout without jarring the listener out of the groove.

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