Girl Next Door – Be Your Wings

Be your wings / Friendship / Wait for you / GIRL NEXT DOOR

Be your wings / Friendship / Wait for you / GIRL NEXT DOOR

Release Date: August 5, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Be Your Wings
  2. Friendship
  3. Wait For You
  4. Jonetsu no Daisho (Ferry Corsten Remix)
  5. Be Your Wings (Instrumental)


Be Your Wings is the theme song for the PSP game Tales of VS.  Much like many of their other songs this is an uptempo, dance/pop track.  It’s similar to Infinity in that it’s a departure from the “same song” problem that tainted their debut album.  Which is a good thing since it shows there is some sort of evolution in their sound.

When hearing the song over the video game visuals I can see how this makes a great intro track.  It appears to set the mood for whatever the game is about quite nicely.  The only complaint I have about this song is that it sounds like Chisa is pushing her vocals a little to the point of yelling over the song at times.  But other than that, this is another winner from GND.

This single is marketed as a triple a-sided single (which I’ve never truly understood, ever) and the other a-sides are Friendship and Wait For You.   Friendship is a little more par for the course when it comes to sound.  There’s nothing really outstanding about the song itself, it’s just… There.   It’s passable but nothing I would ever really consider listening to again.

Wait For You is a slightly lower tempo song in terms of what GND usually does and is a nice change of pace.  It’s not that much different but it definitely isn’t as frantic as their normal tracks.  I’d say this is kind of of chilled out for this group.  Much better than Friendship I believe.  Perhaps this should have been a double a-sided single instead?

The last track is yet another remix of Jonetsu no Daishou.  This mix is by Trance producer Ferry Corsten and is a full club mix, not a radio edit.  Which is fine for guys like me but for others the length of the song may be a test of patience.  Normally I detest trance remixes but Ferry Corsten is one of the few producers from that genre that I like so this gets  a pass from me.

Overall another great single from GND.  I’m not sure if Friendship should really be considered an a-side but given the strength of the other songs around it I’ll let that slide too I guess.

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