Girl Next Door – Destination

Girl Next Door Destination

Release Date: April 27, 2011

Track Listing

  1. 3rd Contact
  2. Freedom
  3. Yume no Katana
  4. Kaze no Capsule
  5. Aitai Yoru
  6. Winter Breeze
  7. Wasuretai Noni
  8. Unmei no Shizuku ~Destiny’s Star~
  9. Impish Music
  10. Ready To Be A Lady
  11. Hajimari
  12. Silent Scream
  13. Arigatou


Destination is Girl Next Door’s third studio album and it comes just over a year after the release of Next Future. It features the singles Freedom, Ready To Be A Lady and Unmei no Shizuku ~Destiny’s Star~.

Girl Next Door have always been evolving ever since they debuted in 2008. Their first album was a decent effort that had too many songs that sounded the same. Their second was a step in the right direction showing the group was capable of doing more than dance songs. So how does their third album Destination do?

Well if you go by the singles that were released from this album you should expect much of the same from the first half of this album. That might get a bit boring for those who want a little variety when they listen to albums. Nothing on the first half matches the intensity of Freedom but Yume no Katana comes very close. The rest of the songs after that are more of the sugary pop variety with Winter Breeze being a prime example of that.

When you get to the second half of the album things slow down once with Wasuretai no ni… and then ramp right back up almost immediately. Not exactly a good sign but that’s remedied once you get to the end of the album with Arigatou. In between is a lot of the same up tempo dance pop that this group can do in their sleep by now.

The most interesting of the bunch happens to be an instrumental track called Impish Music. It’s only a minute or so long but it’s some banging stuff. It would have been nice if that was extended by another 4 minutes. It sounded like it would have been a killer track if it was allowed to breathe a bit.

Destination as a whole isn’t a bad album. It’s definitely overloaded with a lot of up tempo songs which as I stated earlier may bore some people into submission. A few more mid-tempo tracks and ballads to help break up the monotony would have been nice.

Destination (Type A)

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