Girl Next Door – Next Future

Next Future / GIRL NEXT DOOR

Release Date: January 20, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Jump
  2. Infinity
  3. Winter Crystal
  4. Sora e
  5. Triangle
  6. Seeds Of Dream
  7. Artemis (Instrumental)
  8. Orion
  9. Muboubi na Junai
  10. Suzukaze Kaoru Hana (Instrumental)
  11. sa ku ra
  12. Be Your Wings
  13. Koi no Mahou
  14. Friendship


  1. Seeds Of Dream
  2. Infinity
  3. Be Your Wings
  4. Orion – Color Ver. –
  5. Jump
  6. Friendship


Girl Next Door’s second album dropped earlier this year and features the singles Infinity, Seeds Of Dream, Be Your Wings, Friendship and Orion.

There’s a bit of an evolution in the Girl Next Door sound on this album. Yes, it still sticks to the Avex formula of being stuck somewhere in the 90’s and now. And the majority of this album is exactly like their first and is filled with lots of catchy, up tempo dance tracks. But on here, all the songs don’t sound the same & you can kind of tell them apart.

That doesn’t mean the album is front loaded with all the good stuff either. In fact the better songs on this album are the one’s that aren’t the fast paced, in your face dance tracks such as the instrumental Artemis, Orion and sa ku ra. Those are slower songs near the end of the album that help break up the monotony of having too many fast songs after each other.

Chisa does an admirable job on those tracks and it shows she’s capable of being a lot more than just a voice on a dance song. She’s not going to hit any diva notes or have any chest thumping ballads thrown at her, but she’s more than up to the task of handling the slower stuff.

If you stick around after Friendship ends there’s an unlisted bonus track 5 minutes after the song ends. It’s the ballad version of Infinity & it’s really nicely done. So fast forward your CD or MP3 and check it out.

This was a much improved effort from their debut and is worth taking a listen to.

Next Future (CD + DVD)

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