Girls’ Generation – 1st Japanese Album Girls’ Generation

Girls Generation 1st Japanese Album

Release Date: June 1, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Mr. Taxi
  2. Genie
  3. you-aholic
  4. Run Devil Run
  5. Bad Girl
  6. Beautiful Stranger
  7. I’m In Love With The Hero
  8. Let It Rain
  9. Gee
  10. The Great Escape
  11. Hoot
  12. Born To Be A Lady


Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese album is one of the most anticipated of the current Korean crossovers. With the success of the covers of Gee and Genie along with their first original single Mr. Taxi the hype was only intensified. With all that expectation does this album live up to the hype or is it a let down?

Taking all the previously released material aside I would say that this album is definitely worthy of the hype machine behind it. There is a slight difference between the sound of their Japanese songs and their Korean ones. It seems that the Japanese tracks have less of an edge to them or are slightly toned down a few notches.

That’s just an observation, it’s actually good that there is a line drawn. It prevents the group from falling into the trap of recycling old material. Much of what is on this album gives the listener an idea of what their Japanese sound will be like. Bad Girl, Beautiful Stranger and especially The Great Escape are great examples of the care taken to ensure that this group will succeed in the J-Pop world.

Normally I’m not a fan of Girls’ Generations slower songs. Most of them are a little too sugary sweet for me at times, but tracks like Let It Rain, I’m In Love With The Hero and Born To Be A Lady are quite nice and are pretty much free of the dreaded auto-tune that most people associate with any Korean pop artists these days.

With so many Korean artists hitting the J-Pop world at the same time it’s difficult find one that stands out. I believe that with this album Girls’ Generation have already set themselves ahead of the pack & possibly have set the bar for future acts to come.

Girl’s Generation (Normal Edition)

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Girls’ Generation (Limited Edition)

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