Girls’ Generation – Mr. Taxi

Girls Generation Mr. Taxi

Release Date:  May 20, 2011

CD Track Listing

  1. Mr. Taxi
  2. Run Devil Run (Japanese Version)

DVD Track Listing

  1. Run Devil Run (Japanese Version)
  2. Run Devil Run (Dance Version)


After testing the waters with successful remakes of their Korean material Girls’ Generation (a.k.a. Shoujo Jidai) release an original song for the Japanese market in the form of Mr. Taxi.

Much like many of their previous songs Mr. Taxi has a killer hook that will get you singing “Taxi Taxi Taxi” at the top of your lungs fairly quickly. This is a benefit for those who don’t have experience speaking Japanese as this is at least something for those folks to grab on to.

But for those who don’t care either way this is actually a great original Japanese song and when compared to their competition (who are also crossing over) this blows everyone away with the exception of KARA.

Some may not like the simplicity of this song and may find the entire thing a little too elementary based on the group’s past productions. I believe that sometimes it’s best to not go over board but to each their own.

Also included in this package is the Japanese version of Run Devil Run. It’s not exactly a great change from the Korean version, it’s just that the lyrics are in Japanese. Nothing to really get excited about.

I had the bar lowered when it came to Girls’ Generation as I wasn’t sure if they could pull off an original Japanese song. I believe I have been proven wrong. Definitely give Mr. Taxi a go & maybe give Run Devil Run a listen if you like.

Mr. Taxi Normal Edition (CD Only)

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Mr. Taxi Limited Edition (w/ Photo Book + DVD)

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Mr. Taxi  Deluxe Limited Edition (w/ Photo Book + DVD)

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