Hangry & Angry Kill Me Kiss Me

Hangry & Angry Promo

Track Listing

  1. Kill Me Kiss Me
  2. Angelina
  4. Romantic ni Violence


Hangry & Angry are a group that consist of former Morning Musume & Ongaku Gatas members Yoshizawa Hitomi & Ishikawa Rika. Kill Me Kiss Me is the groups mini-album that was released on November 19, 2008.

This mini-album is a collaboration with a fashion store of the same name located in Harajuku & Osaka. Oddly, it was released in Japan & North America at the same time. Something that normally NEVER happens. So props to UFA for throwing North Americans an (affordable) bone.

The sound on this album reminded me a lot of another 2 member girl group, t.A.t.U. That’s probably not going to be the most popular comparison is it? Well, that’s the first group that popped into my head as soon I heard this album in its entirety. I could also say that there are hints of a Tommy Heavenly 6 & Avril Lavigne influence as well.

The rest of the songs follow the pattern set by the title track. Meaning that it’s all up-tempo, electric guitar driven dance pop. This is pretty strong stuff for a mini-album & I was left wanting a bit more when it was done. I wouldn’t mind hearing a full album from this group.

Besides the actual musical content, what also makes this album interesting is that it’s a UFA release. This is about as far as you get from the typical UFA release involving anyone from H!P.

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