Hangry & Angry – Sadistic Dance

Sadistic Dance / HANGRY&ANGRY

Regular Edition

Sadistic Dance / HANGRY & ANGRY

Limited Edition (CD + DVD, Lunchbox)

Release Date: November 18, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Mr. Monkey
  2. Top Secret
  3. Sadistic Dance
  4. Lady Madonna
  5. Doubt
  6. Angelia (crash Berlin version)
  7. Shake Me
  8. Kill Me Kiss Me (crash Berlin version)
  9. Giza Giza (crash Berlin version)
  10. The Peace! (H&A Death Tracks)


Sadistic Dance is Hangry & Angry’s first studio album and contains the previously released title track and the H&A Death Tracks version of The Peace! first performed at Sakura-Con 2009.

Also on this album are remixes of several tracks from their Kill Me Kiss Me mini-album done by production outfit crash Berlin.  Their versions of Angelia and Kill Me Kiss Me stay faithful to the originals but also have a bit of an Electronica edge to them.

Giza Giza is stripped down to an almost acoustic version with a few electronic accents during the chorus sections. Quite a departure from the original version actually, it’s much mellower.

As for the 5 new songs they’re all top notch stuff.  Top Secret is the best of the bunch by far.  With it’s synth bass lines, electronic squeaks and aggressive beat it’s more dance than rock in my opinion.  The hook for this song is definitely one of the catchier ones I’ve heard in a long time.

The opening track Mr. Monkey comes in a close 2nd and not just because it has the word “monkey” in it. For starters it reminds me a hell of a lot the kind of electronic Rock/Dance hybrid tracks that Garbage perfected on their 2.0 album.  It’s also a lot more aggressive than previous Hangry & Angry songs.

But much like many of the other songs on this album  it absolutely rocks and is a great introduction for what to expect when it comes to listening to this.  The last track worth mentioning is Doubt.  It’s the only lower tempo song on the album & is probably the closest thing one will get to a ballad from this group.

It’s kind of a moody track and differs in sound from the rest of the songs.  A different vibe is all well & good though & it is a great change in pace from all the up tempo songs they normally do.  Perhaps this is a sign of more of these kinds of tracks in the future?

Overall I found this to be a great first full length album and honestly I can’t stop listening to it.  The only issue is that there are only 5 new songs. As nice as the remixes were I think three more newer songs would have been cool. A very minor complaint about an otherwise excellent album.

Regular Edition

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Limited Edition (CD + DVD, Lunchbox)

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