Hangry & Angry – Top Secret

Top Secret is the official first single release from Hangry & Angry’s Sadistic Dance album.  I thought nothing could beat the epicness of songs like Kiss Me Kill Me, Giza Giza or Romantic ni Violence but this song exceeds those.

The sound of this song sits firmly within the Dance-Pop/Rock mold that the majority of their songs are crafted in.  Production wise it isn’t exactly a departure from what they’ve done before. What makes it so great is the hook.  The chorus is really catchy & I can imagine it could incite some crazy sort of chants in a live setting.

The video is quite the spectacle.  The media room that the girls have is sort of the blueprint I have for my my own.  Hangry & Angry dolls all over the place, large comfy couches, a big TV in the middle & lots of random video game technology.

What type of game is Rika playing that makes her bang the joystick like was molseting a chinpokomon? Funny that it’s in slow-mo when she does it too.

The rest of the video consists of limo shots, random scenery and mega pimping of merchandise.  The limo shots are probably the most notable just for the sexual tension between the two women.  Hey, with GAM on  hiatus someone has to take over the girl-girl fan service for all us slightly perverted fans. =)  The paparazzi shots with the H&A mascots was kinda strange, but nothing totally weird.

For those of you who have been lucky to have been raped by Yossy’s eyes (/me raises hand) you can enjoy being raped by them in this video (in a more indirect manner) too. Rika with the long hair is just pure sex (She looks hot no matter what hairstyle).

Great song & a slightly strange yet fun video that is like a marketers wet dream come true.  Pimp that merch! =)

Sadistic Dance (Regular Edition)

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