Happiness – Kiss Me

Happiness Kiss Me

Release Date: February 9, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Kiss Me
  2. Happy Talk ~2011 Version~


Happiness is a female dance group signed to Universal Music Japan and they are managed by EXILE’s Hiro as part of his “Love Dream Happiness” project. Kiss Me is their debut single.

The members of the group are Sayaka, Kaede, Mimu, Karen, Miyuu, Yurino and Mayu. They are fairly young (average age of 14) and that puts them in direct competition with other female pop groups like Tokyo Girls Style, Passpo and S/Mileage.

That means they get sugary sweet songs like Kiss Me. Thankfully this is not typical super, happy, genki idol pop and is more restrained in nature. It probably helps that this group is part of the EXILE family so there’s probably no need to worry about Happiness falling into the genki trap quite yet.

As it stands Kiss Me is a smooth mid-tempo R&B/Pop crossover that (to me) sounds different from what other young girl groups are putting out. In contrast, the b-side Happy Talk is closer to what one would expect. Again, we can be thankful that it’s not full genki and is only barely hitting that mark.

Overall this was a decent debut single and they did well for not really being a vocal group. Personally I kind of hope that they stick with the sound of Kiss Me, only time will tell.

Kiss Me

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