Happiness – Wish

Happiness Wish

Release Date: August 17, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Wish
  2. Make U Happy


EXILE’s sister group Happiness return with their 4th single Wish. This song was used as the theme song for CDTV and is a slickly produced bubblegum pop/R&B hybrid. Following the pattern of EXILE the vocal duties in Happiness are also mainly handled by 2 members. (Yurino and Mayu)

Similar to their previous releases Wish is another in a line of catchy pop songs that are slowly showing that the group means serious business in the ever growing crop of female groups flooding the market. Happiness appear to be heading towards a different path than the typical youth idol group.

They are similar to competition like Tokyo Girls Style and possibly Fairies than say any AKB48 or Hello! Project kind of group. Again, considering that they are part of EXILE’s LDH project it should probably not be a surprise that there isn’t too much stereotypical cutesy idol music getting anywhere near them at this point in their career.

Both Wish and Make U Happy are mid tempo songs that sound more fitting for summer rather than fall (or autumn if you prefer) or the impending winter months. Even with that in mind the the songs convincingly show some maturity while still remaining somewhat girlishly playful. Something that few similar groups can pull off without looking like they’re trying too hard.

True to the other LDH groups they seem to be sticking with tracks that have a wider appeal rather than appealing to a niche group of listeners. Whether that actually works out for them will depend on how receptive the listeners out there are to them and whether their affiliation with EXILE boosts their profile.

But as an individual group Happiness are  definitely are making a case for more attention with songs like these.


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