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The most used word in the idol fan vocabulary other than “Amazing”

Do you not tow the company line and dislike a certain song that everyone else loves even though it’s obvious shit?


Do you call out idol groups and agencies for feeding us the same dog & pony show videos while everyone else blindly feeds them praise?


Do you point out the absurdity of the entire culture with reckless abandon?


It’s a word that is heard very often in the overseas Japanese pop idol fandom. It’s used so much that it has become the default argument for fans that lack a substantial enough vocabulary and intelligence level to have a conversation about what idol fans share a love for.

This stems from the foundation the current overseas Japanese idol fan culture is built on. And that is one that encourages a lack of independent thought. You must bow down to the will of the collective or forever be labeled with the “H” brand and be ostracized from the group.

The fan environment has slowly changed from being able to express yourself openly and degraded to where all the oversensitive, kill joys with sticks constantly up their asses suck the fun out of a harmless conversation. The minute you even remotely besmirch their precious idol(s) the butt hurt starts and the tired old “Hater!” line comes out in full force.

So what happened to force this shift in attitude? Where exactly did the good times of free speech and debate go? When did the fandom go from a democracy to a fascist regime?

To be honest I don’t really know the answer to that. I have been asking those questions more and more these days as I struggle to not get into fights about the most insignificant issues. The one thing that has become very prevalent to me is that many fans are taking this whole idol business way too seriously. Like in an unhealthy, obsessive type of manner.

It’s okay to have this hobby of being an idol fan, but if these little Japanese girls are the only things that bring joy to your life? Perhaps you need to step back and take a hard look at yourself.

If someone taking a jab at your favorite(s) easily offends you, do you take it personally? Like if someone called your girlfriend/wife/significant other, mom or grandmother a whore to your face? Are you thinking, “Them’s fighting words motherfucker!” as you rage up?

Did you answer, “Yes”? Then you need some serious help my friend. There are still a few idol fans out there that lay on the snark pretty thick and if you can’t handle that? Well that’s your problem isn’t it? It sure as hell isn’t the problem of those who can see the complete ludicrousness that the idol genre can sometimes bring. They’re just telling you what they see.

There are also fans that manage to keep a modicum of critical thinking in their arguments when they talk about idols. That may be a foreign concept to those who completely buy in (a.k.a. Wota Blinders or Drinking the Kool-Aid) to what the idol agencies are shilling. Remember that those folks don’t subscribe to that train of thought, and even though what these people say might sound hurtful or harsh they usually are bringing up some sort of truth that needs to be addressed.

If you disagree with any of the above types of fans there’s no need to drop the “H” bomb right off the bat as a response to whatever they say. It only shows you have no valid argument in the first place and are just over reacting like a big baby on a temper tantrum.

Of course those of you who react like whiny emo bitches to the most inconsequential of comments are acting like complete retards (If you are mentally handicapped I’m sorry for offending you by grouping you with these people.) anyway so you may be beyond repair.

Yes, that’s how bad you uber-serious fans actually are. I have said this many times but it bears repeating. Unless your livelihood and ability to pay your damn bills depends on idols being successful, you should relax and just enjoy them for what they are. Escapist entertainment.

I know a lot of you speak of the overseas fan community like we are all united. I personally think that’s bullshit as long as all as everyone still insists on calling each other haters for having differing opinions. When this practice stops perhaps maybe we can work on actually coming together for a common goal.

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